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A good mattress is a basic necessity for good sleep. Of course, one needs enough sleep to stay fresh and perform their daily activities, but a good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy life too! Have you ever considered a bamboo mattress for a good night’s sleep? Not only will you be taking care of your body but of your environment too. Wondering how? Read on to find out.

Bamboo – Environmental Friendly

Bamboo is a tall grass that grows very easily in relatively dry areas within a short span of time. They don’t need much water and can grow back to their original height within a span of 3 to 5 years after harvesting. This makes it an excellent ecological substitute for wood in many areas.

Wood and water are fast-depleting natural resources, and bamboo is the answer for both. Wood from forest trees is used, not only for furniture but for construction and decorative purposes too. Moreover, bamboo is increasingly used as a raw material in wood composite areas- like plywood, particle board, wood-plastic composites, etc.

All About Bamboo Mattresses

Bamboo is increasingly being used in the making of comfortable beds and mattresses. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of using a bamboo mattress:


  • The foam is infused with bamboo to make it more sturdy and durable. It provides a good night’s sleep without any backaches or other common issues with a mattress that does not have enough support.
  • Bamboo infused mattress help in maintaining the temperature due to bamboo’s cooling properties. It helps in getting a good sleep even in warm climatic conditions.
  • While resting, your body’s temperature needs to be lower than when you are active and moving around. Bamboo-infused foam mattresses help in reducing the heat and maintaining your body temperature.
  • Bamboo has natural anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties that help these mattresses last long and keep away dust mites and bed bugs.
  • Bamboo is used in making bed sheets too. Since bamboo can absorb moisture, these sheets can help you keep cool through the night and absorb moisture like night sweats too.
  • This material is more breathable than cotton.
  • Bamboo releases oxygen into the environment; thus, using it in your home can provide cleaner air.

The Flip Side

On the flip side, using a bamboo mattress can have these negative effects:


  • Bamboo is an emerging sustainable replacement for wood and hence can be expensive. Buying a bamboo mattress can be more expensive than buying a regular foam mattress.
  • These require proper care and can be more high maintenance than regular mattresses. Instructions need to be followed if you want the product to last long.
  • When bamboo is used in fabric, it goes through a lot of chemical processing. It can nullify the ecological benefits as a lot of chemicals are being washed off into nature.
  • Since many manufacturers are getting into this business, there can be a drastic difference in the foam used with bamboo in these mattresses. One needs to do proper research before buying a bamboo mattress to ensure they do in fact and enjoy the benefits.


The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, making the bamboo mattress a good substitute for regular memory foam mattresses.