Useful Tools

Eco-apps. that everyone can use

An application that is made to help the normal person understand those hard to fathom units of energy.
It is also a winner of awards for best application with its ease of use and many handy graphs, tools and functions.
This program sums energy usage up into trees.  As it knows that energy consumption equates to a lot more than just electric usage it tries to give the user a reading of the footprint in trees they are using.
This is the number of trees that would be needed in order for their energy footprint to offset the amount of energy they have used.

This is a great application to have with you when you are out shopping.  It provides an environmental guide for over 120000 products.  It will give you alternatives to the ones you normally use if they are not green products.  You also have the option to set your preference for concern such as animal products, environmental issues and see how your regular products fair.  This application joined forces with Target in 2017 to scan and rate literally thousands of on the shelf products.  This was done to develop an industry standard app. helping consumers make better-informed choices.