How to build a green home from ecological material

Eco houses

With global warming biting at our heels and the constantly changing environment, more people are starting to see the light and changing their ways for a greener lifestyle. Eco-buildings and houses are fast becoming the only way to build a house and hopefully will be in a not too distant future.

How to build a house from ecological materials

Downsizing is less impactful on the environment

Smaller is better when it comes to building a home these days. Not only is it better for your bottom line but it is also a lot more environmentally friendly.
A large house takes a lot more to heat and cool than a smaller one does so you tend to you a lot more energy to maintain a constant temperature.

Use energy efficient appliances, household materials and tools

The Environmental Protection Agency issues an “ENERGY STAR” rating tested and approved products.  The goods sporting this label come with a significant reduction in energy usage and cost.  They do not in any way make the product inferior to one less energy efficient.  In fact, a lot of the products are much better.


Do not skimp when it comes to installing insulation.  You may have to fork out a bit more but in the long run, you will save on heating and cooling.  Thus, cutting down on your energy usage and will end up saving you money. The better-quality insulin you use and get it done by a reputable professional, will last you a lot longer and give a great return on your investment.

Try only get sustainable building materials

Going green to build your house means using the correct green materials.  These materials will reduce the impact on the environment of the building.  Materials are available for every part of the build from the roof to reclaimed wood.
There are stockiest of renewable materials all over the place nowadays all you have to do is a search on the internet.

Infographic by: Global Warming Is Real