4 Ecological houses that will inspire you to go green

Eco-friendly homes

There is a lot of pressure for the world to get more eco-friendly.  With a result more and more people are finding ways to cut down on energy usage, recycle their waste and build smarter greener and more sustainable houses.

4 Eco-friendly houses to inspire green living

#1 House on an artificial hill
This house sits balanced on top of an artificial hill with a garden rooftop and has a seesaw looking structure placed on top of it.
The house located near Melbourne in Australia is perfectly balanced to keep out the cold winter and cool in the harsh summer.
Designed by architect Andrew Maynard the interior of this house is just as much fun as the exterior.

#2 The Bridge House
Designed by architect Max Pritchard this house just outside of Adelaide sits on a small property divided by a small creek or what the Australians call a billabong.
The object was to create an eco-friendly home/office that would not damage the view or harm the environment.
The result was this house made from sustainable materials with the house opening up on both sides with high windows and or glass doors for unobstructed views of the creek and nature.

#3 The Fibonacci Tree House
This house was built in Spain and was designed by Blueforest.The name was taken from the Fibonacci spiral found in nature such as shells. This contemporary style house was made from all sustainable and completely natural materials to have as little to no impact on nature.

#4 The M House
Designed by Michael Jantzen from his collection of Matrix mansions.
It is made from all eco-friendly materials and is powered by sustainable energy sources.
It uses wind and sun energy to make it completely self-sufficient.
It may look a bit strange or even a bit cold but this house is a dream come true especially if you are looking for a true eco-friendly house.

Infographic by: Angel’s List